I’m Cathy, a passionate traveller who believes travel is something we all should do more often. Travel expands our horizons and allows us to explore new cultures and destinations, try new food and meet new people. I had my first taste of international travel at 15 and have enjoyed travelling to places all over the world ever since. I have travelled to 37 countries and counting, and dream of travelling more often.

This blog is a way for me to share my passion for travel. Now based in Melbourne, Australia I am a former journalist and now work in corporate communications but am always planning my next trip. This keeps my passion for travel alive while feeding a curiosity for new cultures, environments and experiences. With only a limited amount of time off to travel each year, independent, mid-range travel is the way I choose to do things.

I love travelling independently – I love the freedom to do my own thing and the experience of discovering new places for myself, even though they may not lie off the beaten track. I am highly organised by nature and so I enjoy the copious amount of research that comes before most of my trips. I love planning out where I will go, what I want to see and how I want to see it. I also enjoy mid-range travel. I like to enjoy my adventures in comfort where possible but also do my research to ensure I’m getting the best value I can.

This blog is a way of capturing my adventures and sharing my learnings and experiences, while hopefully inspiring you to take new independent adventures yourself. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


My professional bio

A professional writer and editor, Cathy loves documenting her travel experiences and reviewing the places she has visited. An avid reader, books and reading are another key interest area.

She writes on a range of different independent travel experiences from destinations around the world, though is most proficient on South Africa, Europe, Australia and mid-range travel.

Some of her favourite topics to write about include:

    • Independent travel
    • Mid-range travel
    • South Africa
    • Safari experiences
    • Europe
    • Books and reading
    • North America
    • Australia


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