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Getting organised as a holiday nears

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So you booked your flights months ago, have your itinerary largely sorted and having done most of your planning, put the intricacies of your holiday aside for a while as you looked forward to the trip. When should you pick things up again and what should you do to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything prior to departure?

I usually start sorting myself out again about four weeks out, but that’s because I really like to feel organised. It gives you enough time to sort out anything you may have missed without it being a major stress, and is close enough to your departure to mean you’re probably quite excited.

Here are a few things to do to feel organised and ready for your trip.

Get your travel documents together

Print copies of accommodation receipts and booking confirmations – sometimes, particularly if there’s a mix up or language barrier, it’s helpful to be able to hand over some paperwork to show what you’re trying to say, particularly if it’s on the hotel’s letterhead. A more efficient way to do this can be to save everything to passport apps on your phone or on something like Google Drive (my preference) however depending on where you’re travelling you might need a physical copy (if you won’t have data access on your phone).

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Check there are no changes to your flights

Check there haven’t been any changes to your flight departure times. If you’ve booked direct with the airline, you should receive email notification of any time changes. Anything significant you will usually need to physically acknowledge by going into your booking via a link supplied by the airline or travel agent. Sometimes though there might be just a small change that you’ve missed so it’s always good to log in and check. Airlines will have a ‘Manage my booking’ section or similar that you can check it on.

Pack your bags

Once you have all your documentation together, start your practice pack to make sure there’s nothing you need to buy in advance, and that everything will fit in the bags you plan to take. Once you’ve packed everything, make sure your bags work. Are they too heavy? Can you move them around easily? Have you got all your valuables in your carry-on bag?

Check out my post on practice packing for more tips on this process. It’s always a good idea if you have time.

Think about the things you want to do while away

It is nice to have a bit of an idea of some of the things you might like to do in particular places, especially if you are on limited time. Sometimes there are so many things to squeeze in somewhere that it can help to have an idea before you arrive of some of your must-do activities. They may change once you’re there but if you have a bit of an idea in advance it always helps.

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    Great tips – I hadn’t thought of using the Passport App (I usually Drop Box copies of documentation).

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