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Top five things to do in Kruger National Park

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I’ve posted before on Kruger National Park and how much I love spending time in this incredible part of the world. It’s a great place for a self-drive safari with a good network of roads and rest camps with all sorts of facilities. Kruger National Park is so large and there are so many things to do that I often find time slipping away. Here are my top five things to do in Kruger National Park if you’re looking for some help planning your next Kruger trip.

Watch the sun set at Sunset Dam

This is a popular thing to do and you will find lots of cars at Sunset Dam just outside of Lower Sabie Rest Camp waiting to watch the sun go down. Bring a drink to enjoy in the car as you watch the day end over this large dam which has a family of resident hippos and is visited by a variety of other animals. You never know what you’ll see and that’s part of the fun. Make sure you know how long you need to get back to camp before the gates shut though.

Hippo in Sunset Dam in Kruger National Park

Be at the gate and ready to leave when it opens in the morning

If you can manage to be among the first cars out in the morning you might come across animals that have moved on to or close to the road while the gates were shut overnight. Animals are often active in the cooler early morning. It’s a great time to catch some of the nocturnal animals that might be just finishing up for the day.

Early morning in Kruger National Park

Go on a guided walking safari

These can be booked through the camp reception from most of the major rest camps within Kruger National Park. The walking safaris are an incredible experience and give you a different perspective on the animals and the bush. You will be led by armed guides and trackers who do this kind of thing all the time. We did a walking safari from Lower Sabie and came across two white rhino and a pride of lions in the distance. Hearing the roaring as we got out the car and started heading in their direction was an experience I will never forget.

Walking safari from Lower Sabie Kruger National Park

Cook a braai and enjoy the sounds of the bush

South Africans love to barbeque (braai) and the various accommodation huts at each of the rest camps all have braais you can use. At the main rest camps you can buy salads and meat for barbequing as well as firewood. Sitting by the braai at the end of a day of wildlife watching and hearing the animals beyond the camp fence is a great way to unwind and really immerse yourself in all Kruger has to offer.

Lighting a Braai

Stake out a waterhole

Make sure to stake out a waterhole at some point during your stay in Kruger National Park. There are many waterholes in the park and there are always more animals around than the ones you see when you first drive up. There might be warthogs or zebra around but if you stop the car and sit for a while you are likely to see other animals make their way down for a drink. If you have lunch with you, stopping by a waterhole and waiting to see what else comes by is a great thing to do over lunch.

Waterbuck aware of crocodile on water's edge in Kruger National Park

If you’re looking for more tips on how to spend your time in the park, check out my self-drive itinerary.

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    I love this place so much! Finding amazing sightings on your own is so rewarding as is a beer and Braai at the end of the day!

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